Our Bakery

We love food, no doubt about it! We live, breathe, dream about food. We grow food, we nurtureit through its life from tiny seed to finished product, we source only the best and we prepare it toget every drop of deliciousness out of it, we spend every waking moment (and probably everysleeping moment) coming up with ideas on what to do with it to enable it to sing...to shine andmost of all we respect it.

Sourdough bread...three ingredients...infinite possibilities...Our bread is crafted over three days. We are passionate that our bread is slow risen, uses onlythe best ingredients and has time...time that the fermentation process needs to pack it full offlavour and pre/pro- biotics so beneficial to health in today’s fast, crazy world! We then bake it toa good dark colour to add even more flavour in a stone oven. Our bread is really good for you,we make sure of it, but it sure doesn’t ta like it should be!

Our croissants, pain au chocolate, Danish and Cinnamon buns (known locally as “sinbuns”) arelong fermented and we use only the best Charente butter (not local we know but essential forutmost flavour), they are hand rolled and our pain au chocolate has the finest Belgian chocolate.

Our Pork Pies are hand crafted using pork from a mile down the road at Antuim Farm. Producer Fiona Boa is also a passionate foodie who ensures that her pigs are completely spoiled (thinksummer football matches) and you can tell by the taste. Three days in the making, these pies aretruly artisanal. True provenance from field to fork, we think that’s a special thing.

We slow everything down to the beat of Mull time. Island life is about not rushing around, itsabout savouring, taking the time to enjoy the views, watch the Eagles, enjoy the seasons and ourfood reflects this.

So kick back, relax and enjoy slow food, hand crafted with time, care and love.