The Kitchen Garden

If you wander down into our garden, you will find our bake house. You will also see our kitchengarden. We established the garden in 2007 and started with a small pottager. We now have alarge poly tunnel, an assortment of raised beds and a fruit garden along with apple, pear andcherry trees (remember that 10 year dream, the fruit trees were planted year 1). We grow beautiful herbs from Lemon Verbena to Rosemary, Squashes and pumpkins to beetroot and spinach, earlystrawberries to late raspberries and glorious blueberries. Heritage tomatoes in rainbow colours.Elderflowers, berries and an ancient old gooseberry bush were here when we bought the houseand we have carefully nurtured them to bring them back to life after 15 years of neglect. We use no pesticides or any kind of chemicals and we grow to encourage the bees and the birds.

It’s a dreamy kind of a place on a summers day, alive with nature, heady with the smell of ripening heritage tomatoes, dripping with raspberries....

The garden supplies the freshest seasonal ingredients to the bakery....the bakery gives back thepeelings to the compost....its a symbiotic circle of life.